4K and HD Video Clips

I have expanded my HD video capture and editing services to include 4K HD capture, editing, and production. 4K (2160p resolution) is replacing 1080p as the high definition standard for mainstream content. Some of my latest clips can be viewed below, and my older clips can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Demo Reel 1: “Starting With A Vision” Corporate Video

The purpose of creating video is to successfully convey a message, just as it was in the days of film. During my initial discussions with commercial clients, I take the necessary time to learn about the nature of their business. Often, a client has a clear picture of the story they want to tell about their product or service... but not everyone is a born storyteller. In such cases, I explain what is possible. The fundamentals of good communication are common to all types of media. With video, there are naturally more ways to tell the story.

Travel / Scenic: “The Colors of Colorado”

Travel / Scenic: Montana Panoramas

“Balloon Glow” at Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Demo Reel 2:  Audiovisual Effects

Producing an attractive video clip involves much more than tacking a snazzy intro and outro to a segment of footage—but using visual effects that enhance the message can be very helpful. I use a variety of software tools to create VFX. The video clip below illustrates just a few of the possibilities. All of the effects are easily customizable to suit your needs; the color scheme, timing, and visual style can all be adjusted to suit each unique video project.